Enterprise eCommerce Comparison: What do the Best Platforms have?

useful enterprise-level eCommerce platforms

It doesn’t really matter whether you are running a B2B or a B2C business because both types of businesses must rely on the best enterprise eCommerce solutions on the market if they want to witness success. However, this is easy to say and harder to be done because there are so many eCommerce platforms for enterprise-level users out there. An inexperienced business owner may find it a little bit difficult to make the right decision. If you need help, you’ve come to the right place because we will present an enterprise eCommerce comparison which should help you identify the best option.

CRM Integration

The best eCommerce platforms of this kind are providing smooth integration with CRM systems. If you opt for a platform which doesn’t have a feature like this you can expect mistakes in data gathering and as a result of that, your business will suffer. If you use an advanced platform like Shopify Plus you can expect to handle your eCommerce site and get connected with clients from one place. You don’t need any IT knowledge to conduct integrations of this type.

Seamless multi-channel shopping

In the past, online buyers were using their desktop or laptop computers to purchase goods online. Today, the situation is not the same. In many cases, users rely on multiple devices before they complete a transaction. So, the most useful enterprise-level eCommerce platforms out there will assist business owners to deliver smooth shopping experiences and seamless transactions on the web, social media platforms, mobile and other channels.

Fast installation

It is very important to pick an eCommerce platform which allows you to create and publish your eCommerce website as soon as possible. Opt for an option which provides customization. Of course, this solution should provide integration with third-party software solutions including accounting and marketing software solutions.

Integrated customer data

A good enterprise eCommerce platform which is integrated with the services, CRM, sales and marketing tools of your business should be able to deliver advanced data and info about your customers. In this way, business owners will be able to analyze the shopping journey of customers. As a result of that, they can improve their marketing campaigns, improve their online stores and create smoother customer journeys for all users.

These are the essential features and characteristics of the best enterprise eCommerce platforms which are currently available on this vibrant market.