Enterprise eCommerce Comparison – How can Shopify Plus help you Expand your Business

Shopify Plus help you Expand your Business

An enterprise eCommerce comparison which doesn’t include Shopify Plus is a useless comparison. The reason why we are saying this is very simple – Shopify Plus is among the top five eCommerce platform for enterprise-level users. This platform was introduced in 2014. One of the main reasons for the growth of this platform is the fact that the development team behind it keeps introducing new features and tweaks the existing ones in order to help enterprise-level users to get the most from their eCommerce ventures. We will use this short blog post to reveal some of the features that help Shopify Plus users to expand their businesses.

Extra security for Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments has been present on this platform from the beginning. This is a unique payment feature which enables website owners to accept different kinds of payments in their online store. However, some store owners have faced false chargebacks in the past which had a negative impact on their operations. Shopify Plus has recently added the Fraud Protection feature which speeds up and automates the review procedure. In other words, it will be almost impossible for scammers to use fraudulent chargebacks.

Multi-currency support

This was one of the biggest disadvantages of using Shopify Plus in the past. However, with the latest updates, selling goods internationally has become easier. This is actually an option added to the Shopify Payments feature which shows the visitor’s local currency automatically. Of course, they can change the currency at any time.

Discounting features

As we all know, offering discounts is one of the best options for eCommerce sites that want to become more popular and boost their sales. In the past, it was a little bit difficult to start campaigns like this over Shopify Plus, but it’s not like this anymore. So, if you want to create a BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free) campaign, you can do this easily. The entire process is automated. In this way, users can get automatic discounts when they are purchasing a certain number of products for example.

Marketing features

Shopify Plus has introduced the Marketing Dashboard where users can create a combination of different paid advertising, social media, post, email campaign, and content management-related tools. Instead of using different platforms, you can get all the marketing tools in one place. In addition, you can add analytics tools to the specially designed dashboard.