3 Neglected Aspects No Expert Will Tell You About When Choosing Between BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus

Are you on the e-commerce wagon or you are waiting for the last minute? As a business person running a successful company selling online is crucial. Even though it might not make sense at the moment – since you are making huge profits – turning to it can save you a lot. However, when virtualizing your venture, it is essential to go for an enterprise e-commerce platform that aligns with your goals. You can go for Shopify plus or BigCommerce enterprise. Both of them provides similar features.

Despite considering the features, you need to understand that you are not building a site alone. You are using these platforms technology and features to build your business. Also, the platform will be the pillar of your online reputation and a measure of your reliability. Notably, joining the platform makes you one of the provider’s partner. It is upon you to decide which platform you need as a partner. Is it one offering poor customer support and low rates? Is it the most expensive but reliable uptime and support? As you think about these things, here are 3 aspects to pay attention to when making your enterprise e-commerce platform decision:

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E-commerce cart features

As you know, the full definition and measure of an e-commerce platform are the features it possesses. Few features mean low functionalities and capabilities. For instance, it can be hard to automate your inventory management if your e-commerce platform does not offer such features. Also, you cannot optimize your online store for the search engines if it is not available as a functionality. When considering E-commerce cart features, both BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus offers you the best choices. With either, you have unlimited product listing. You can create blogs and discount codes.

Also, they provide you with a way of recovering sales on the abandoned carts. Their abandoned cart recovery features allow you to automate emails to remind the buyers of their incomplete checkout process. Apart from this, both come with reliable and advanced reporting features. Hence, you can access your business performance and generate information for making decisions. However, Shopify plus does not offer inbuilt features like BigCommerce. You get apps to choose the right options for your case.

Real-time shipping information

When a customer shops on your online store, they need information on the shipping information. They need to know how much each of the shipping carriers will charge them. In this essence, your e-commerce website must have the capability to show this information. Particularly, for enterprise-level businesses, you need to offer information to customers located across the globe. The information will help them to make better decisions. However, this is only possible when your enterprise e-commerce platform has features for this activity. For BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus you have this feature. Hence, you offer your customers an opportunity to decide the best way to ship their purchases without many hassles.
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Reliability and website speed features

What do you consider when shopping at an online store? Products offered? Loading speed or what? With digitization and competition in the virtual arena, speed is becoming a central thing. A slowdown in your website loading speed of 1sec can cost you a $1000. Also, the loading speed is one of the parameters in the web ranking.
Google considers loading speed as part of a sign of reliability. Considering BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus, the latter beats the other in the speed aspect. Despite having a large number of apps, Shopify performs excellently in the loading speed. Hence, if you are considering speed as your priority, it is a good idea to go for Shopify.


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